New Film ‘Together’ About Being In Lockdown

Film 'Together'

A new film by director and producer Stephen Daldry has opened in theatres.

The film, titled Together, documents a couple’s experience of the lockdown in the UK.

James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan star as the couple who can’t stand each other and are dreading spending an indefinite amount of time locked inside with their young son.

The drama comedy follows the couple as they negotiate with each other and experience losses that come along with the pandemic.

Throughout the 92-minute film, the two lead characters talk to only each other and the digital camera.

Screenwriter Dennis Kelly says through creating the movie, he exercised his own pandemic ghosts and visualized a shared human experience as devastating as the Coronavirus.

He is happy audiences will experience his art and the intimacy of the plot on the big screen.

“Some of the sort of more personal moments, I think you need to be up and close with that,” he said.

It subtly pays tribute to frontline workers and the individuals who went through the worst of the pandemic.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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