The Block Australia Winners Crowned

The Block Australia 2021

The winners of Channel Nine’s The Block 2021 have been crowned.

Fan favourites Mitch Edwards and Mark McKie won this year’s drama-filled season in a lucrative finale.

The couple, who are from Sydney, sold their family-friendly creation for $4,044,444.44 and collected a total of $74,444.44 from an auction windfall of $644,444.44 and the $100,000.

They were more successful this season then in their first appearance on The Block in 2019.

All of the teams pocketed earnings from the sale of the five houses in Bronte Court and, in a twist, some of the couples who often panned by the judges were among the biggest winners.

Twins Luke and Josh Packham took second place with a $3,930,000 sale.

It was an unexpected result for the brothers, who had endured a rollercoaster of feedback from the judges of the Room Reveal every week.

Vito and Tanya Guccione came third with a $3,800,000.01 sale, and were followed by young country couple Kirsty Lee Akers and Jesse Anderson, who renovated this year’s biggest house.

Ronnie and Georgia Caceres, who were fan favourites and gained consistent praise from the judges and earned the highest number of points during the season, came in fifth place.

The professional renovators became emotional as the season’s pressure and tense dynamics took hold.

All properties were auctioned in the order they were numbered on the show.

Judges were not very happy with the winning house throughout the season, using words like “Claustrophobic”, “oppressively small”, “dumb” and “insane” to describe McKie and Edward’s rooms, finishes and design choices.

Though they fumed at the comments, they committed to their style and ideas and their house was snapped up by serial Block buyer Danny Wallis, known for placing unusual bids during auctions.

Edwards and McKie have launched a homewares range called Mitch and Mark Home and plan to open a flagship store in Sydney’s Newport.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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