The Suite Life On Deck “Graduation” Sneak Peak

The Suite Life On Deck

The Suite Life On DeckHere is a preview of the upcoming episode of “The Suite Life On Deck” titled “The Suite Life Graduation.” The episode will air on the Disney Channel on May 6, 2011 at 8/7c (in America).

In this new promo you can hear Zack talk about wanting to break up with Maya because he doesnt think he can handle a long distance relationship, but from what we’ve found out about the episode it turns out he might actually find that he loves her.

Also in the episode graduation gets moved earlier when Mr. Tipton sells the S.S. Tipton and Cody and Bailey are waiting to find out if they made it into Yale.

Watch the sneak peak below and then let us know if you plan on watching this episode:


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