South Park Kids All Grown Up In New Movie Trailer

South Park: Post COVID Trailer

The trailer for an all-new South Park movie had a surprise in store for fans of the cartoon.

South Park: Post COVID, which was released on Paramount+ on Thanksgiving Day, answers the question of what happened to the South Park kids (Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny) during the pandemic. 

The trailer is opened with dramatic music and contains phrases such as “We’ve been through a lot,” “Everything has changed,” and “What will the future hold?” 

This last question sets up the scene of an adult Stan receiving a phone call at his home from adult Kyle, who looks to be a psychology professor at the University of Colorado.

That’s right – the kids are now all grown up.

References to the show include a “Drugs are still bad” poster in Kyle’s office, a reference to the boys’ school teacher, Mr Garrison. 

Kyle says to Stan, “Stan, do you remember when we were little? As kids we said we’d always be there for each other when things got bad.” 

Stan closes the trailer out with, “What do you mean? What’s happened?”

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Written by Jackson Miller


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