Interview with Pete Murray

Pete Murray
Pete Murray recently had a chat to us here at Rave It Up HQ about his new single Found My Place.
Hey Pete. Welcome to Rave It Up. 

Congratulations on the release of Found My Place. It’s a beautiful song. You should be so proud. 

Found My Place was co-written with Gavin Slate in Nashville and recorded with Canadian-born Byron local, Garrett Kato in Byron Bay. How was it writing in Nashville; a place filled with music history?

It was the first time that I travelled overseas to do some songwriting, so I was a little nervous. I didn’t have many songwriting sessions booked in Nashville so I knew I had to impress the guys in the first sessions so I could get invited to other sessions. Found My Place was the first song I wrote over there so it was a great start and I got a lot more sessions from it. One thing you learn about Nashville is that it is a machine for pushing out songs. There are so many song writers over there and they are always writing 2 -3 sessions a day. It would be a good place to live for a while just to write.  

The music video is now up on YouTube for everyone to check out and it was filmed in your hometown of Byron Bay. How did you find the location? Were you searching for a location for a while?

I know all the good secret beach spots up here so it is easy to find an amazing beach where there are very few people.  

The music video also features your wife and daughter. You usually keep your family life quite private so this was a big step for you.

Mira, my wife and Saachi, my daughter were only meant to be silhouettes in the video and this was meant to relate to the lyrics of the song which is about passing on wisdom to your kids. It was all going great and then Saachi started dancing in front of the camera right near the end of the song. It was so perfect that we had to keep it.  

What made you happy and comfortable enough to make this decision?

Just the fact that Saachi did such a cute dance at the end of the song made the decision easy to keep her in there. It was such a nice touch that both Mira and I loved it so much we were comfortable to leave it in there.

How did it feel combining your love for your music and your family into this project?

It is always great when you can write a song about your own family as it will always have a more special meaning for us.  

Do you think your daughter will get into music herself when she’s older?

Saachi is a really active little girl so I think she is going to get into everything. She loves the beach so I think she will surf with me one day and I get the feeling that all my kids will get into music. Charlie, my eldest boy, has already got the music bug. He’s starting to play some really nice guitar. 

How do you find juggling your career with your family? Do you have any tips for any working parents?

I would have to say that I try to spend quality time with all my kids so we all grow up being close and I really try to help give them advice so they always make the decision that is right for them. 

Found My Place is a commanding song about offering wisdom to your kids. What wisdom do you think you yourself would have liked to have received when you were a kid?

My dad died when I was 18 so I definitely missed him for advice. I think financial advice is the best advice I would have liked to receive when younger. Good financial advice can really get you off to a great start in life and take a lot of pressure off you later in life.  

I read a quote from you recently saying, “I hold the record at the ARIA’s for the most nominations never to win.  17 nominations with 0 wins” which you’re actually proud of, which is great. But how do you keep going and keep that ‘never give up’ attitude day-to-day? I’m sure a lot of our readers have had issues with that now and then and need some motivation and inspiration themselves.

I always try and turn a negative into a positive with life. With the ARIAS, it could be easy to get down on yourself and not feel like you are good enough but for me I went, OK, might as well be the best at losing ARIAS if I can’t win one and hold the record for it. I obviously don’t take awards very seriously nor should anyone. There are plenty of artists who have won an ARIA that don’t have a career anymore so for me it’s better to focus on my career and continuing to enjoy making music. 

Can we maybe expect a tour in the future too (when we can safely travel)?

I’m hoping to tour early next year but this will totally depend on what we are allowed to do due to COVID.

And lastly, what advice would you give to our readers who want to follow their dreams of becoming a singer-songwriter?

To be successful in music you need just 3 things.
Persistence – Persistence – Persistence

If our audience would like to contact you or find out what you are up to in the future, where should they go?

They can head to my website – or find me on social media.

Thanks again for having a chat to us today Pete.

– Interviewed by Lauren Yeates

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