Paris Jackson Releases Debut EP

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson’s band have released their debut EP.

The 21-year-old daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, are musicians who go by the name of The Soundflowers.

The self-titled EP contains five songs, including Your Look (Glorious) and Geronimo which Jackson wrote when she was 15.

“Some of the songs on the EP and some of the songs that have yet to come are about pain. I’m sure to many it will come off as emo and sad, and that’s okay. But my hope is that it brings comfort to those who feel the way I did when I wrote the songs, especially Geronimo. I’d like for the listeners who resonate with the lyrics to know that they are not alone. And that it gets better,” she said in a statement.

“It feels good to know that people will hear our music and see me as I am. This is the first opportunity I’ve been able to share my journey in my own way.”

Jackson says she started writing music at 13 when she bought herself a guitar but didn’t start sharing or recording until she met Glenn. They met at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles where he and his band TrashDogs were performing.

The Soundflowers will donate proceeds from merchandise sales to Black Women Lead, Black Voters Matter Fund and BEAM through July.

A music video for Your Look (Glorious) was produced by Jackson’s older brother Prince.

They are also set to launch a six-part docuseries on Facebook Watch that will follow their musical collaboration.

The first episode of Unfiltered: Paris Jackson & Gabriel Glenn will air on June 30 and run every Tuesday, and The Soundflowers EP is available now on all music streaming platforms.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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