No Time To Die’s Finale Breaks Guinness World Record

No Time To Die Finale Breaks Guinness World Record

WARNING: Spoiler alert ahead!

Daniel Craig always said he wanted his James Bond to go out with a bang, and it appears his wish has come true in an explosive way.

No Time To Die, Craig’s final appearance as the iconic MI6 agent, has already broken many records in the Bond franchise, but now has added a Guinness World Record to its repertoire. The film has the official record of detonating the most explosives ever used in one take during the finale.

In the final moments of No Time To Die, millions of Bond fans realised that despite his penchant for getting out of impossible situations, their favourite super spy was not going to make it out of this one alive. 

In the spectacular finale, after Bond farewells his beloved Madeleine and their daughter Mathilde, the agent looks death squarely in the face as a mass missile strike both destroys main villain Lyutsifer Safin’s virus factory and sacrifices his own life, as he has been infected with the Heracles virus.

The explosion used to finally kill the indomitable 007 used a whopping total of 136.4kg of TNT equivalent, which was enough to shatter the previous Guinness World Record – a measly 65kg.

There is no doubt that of the many ways for Bond to meet his maker, this explosive finale was the best.

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Written by Jackson Miller


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