Miranda Lambert Helps Musicians With Vet Bills

Miranda Lambert

Musicians have been among some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with a shutdown on concert venues and grounded tours.

Country singer Miranda Lambert has come out in support of her fellow musicians, teaming up her shelter dog organisation MuttNation partners with the Waggle Foundation’s veterinary assistance group.

This partnership, named the MuttNation Fund, will offer financial help to members of the music community who are struggling to pay vet bills due to financial hardships brought on by the lockdown.

MuttNation organises adoption of shelter pets, encourages spaying and neutering and educates owners on the importance of these issues; while the Waggle Foundation helps with unexpected expenses involved in veterinary care for pets.

Lambert, singer of such hits as Mama’s Broken Heart and Kerosene, came up with the idea for the fund when a member of her touring band confided in her about struggling with finances related to veterinary care. 

“It really hit home when my backup singer and close friend Gwen’s shelter dog, Earl, became extremely ill in early March, just as the pandemic was taking hold and our tour had to stop,” Lambert explained.

After having him checked out by vets, Gwen was told that Earl had a rare liver disorder.

“Earl is doing great now, but he’ll require ongoing treatment for the rest of his life,” Lambert said.

“It was such an unexpected major expense at an already tough time.” 

Lambert, who says that music and mutts are her two passions, began to think of other musicians whose careers have been on pause due to lack of live performance opportunities, and who are struggling with vets bills.

Any musician, singer, producer, or anyone else involved in the music community, can apply for pet assistance via the MuttNation fund. The application can be accessed at https://wagglefoundation.org/muttnation/ 

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Written by Jackson Miller


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