Australian Artist ‘Lockdown’ Releases New Hit Song

Australian Artist Lockdown

In just one year, Aussie artist Lockdown has brought his own unique sound to the music industry with a cult-like following and shows booked across the country, as well as worldwide. 

Recently featuring on Carnage & Steve Aoki’s track Plur Genocide, this artist has become one to watch out for.

His heavy hitting basslines and eerie sounds perfectly combine his visual and theatrical aspects with his music, and there is no question that fans love it.

After playing shows around Melbourne and across Australia, Lockdown has just wrapped up his Indian tour and is reaping the rewards from his current hit, Helpless.

When I first started the song ‘Helpless,’ I envisioned it as a straight minimal dance track. I soon found myself experimenting with electro leads, then I added some techno elements in there to give it that hybrid feel. It’s the basis of how the track came about. I was over the moon when I saw the track had entered the charts at #15. I was even happier to see it jump 5 spots a day, until it eventually hit #1 on the Beatport Electro House charts, where it currently remains,” Lockdown said.

Lockdown is getting ready to tour in China, Bali and Singapore, with his Australian tour booked until mid-October.

Have a listen to Lockdown’s new hit song Helpless.

What do you think of the song? Let us know by commenting below.

Written by Talya Jacobson


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