Jennifer Lopez To Star Alongside Owen Wilson & Maluma

Jennifer Lopez & Maluma

Jennifer Lopez is set to star in the new movie, Marry Me.

The 51-year-old singer and actress will play the lead, opposite Owen Wilson.

Lopez has also recorded several new songs for the film with co-star Maluma.

Both the film and music have been teased on social media with a clip which does not reveal much about it.

All we know is that Lopez and Maluma will play a musical power couple who are on the verge of getting married themselves. However, the couple’s relationship will be shown to be less than perfect when Lopez’s character Kat makes a connection with a divorced high school math teacher, played by Wilson.

Fans can expect at least one or two of the new songs to be released before the film for its promotion.

Marry Me will be out on February 12 (Valentines Day weekend), 2021.

Jennifer Lopez & Maluma In Marry Me
Jennifer Lopez & Maluma filming their first scenes together

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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