Ian Hulme of The Choirboys Releases New Song

Ian Hulme

No Place To Go is a new song released by Ian Hulme, that many have said sounds contemporary but to me, it’s not. It reminds me of my childhood. A sort of mix between pop, punk and alternative.

The voice on the track reminds me of the lead of Wheatus. The same sort of tone and raspiness to the sound that brings out an alternative rocky kind-of feel.

The music video is a fast-paced shot of someone walking down the street, from their point of view, just witnessing the activity that happens around them while they’re walking down the street. The filter on the video gives an eerie sort of vibe. It looks like a rust colour that mixes with a pink tone and reminds me of the flashback scenes one would see in the TV show Cold Case.

It’s a brilliant song, with a deep meaning that is fascinating and transcendent when you listen to it. It takes you to a whole other place where you can just feel the relaxation hit you.

If you enjoyed bands such as Wheatus, Semisonic, Bowling For Soup and New Radicals, then you would adore this song. Make sure you take some time to witness it because I bet, you won’t regret it.

Check out the video clip here:https://www.facebook.com/102885698115337/videos/vb.102885698115337/338801227428436/?type=2&theater

Written By Ashley Riordan


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