COVID Delays Create Challenges For Hamilton Musical

Hamilton Musical

Hamilton The Musical is facing challenges by shortages of essential items for costumes because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A shortage of thread and elastic is just one of the many COVID-related challenges Jude Loxely, the Hamilton Australia costume associate, faces and has taken in her stride.

“Things that we would take for granted like freighting supplies and fabrics and physical costume samples around the world, has been tricky. If you go to buy elastic from our suppliers, they’re asking if it’s for masks because if it is, they’re trying to push people into a different product so that they can keep what we need available.”

With more than 100 metres of lace per dress, every reel of thread counts.

Despite the challenge of acquiring supplies, the musical production’s costume team have managed to create more than 500 period outfits, with handmade shoes and accessories.

A specialised “Hamilton fabric” has been created to allow the dancers to wear a stretchable material that looks like traditional woven moleskin, making sure not to miss a single historic detail.

COVID has created similar hurdles in the wig department.

The team are having to hand-knot more than 30 wigs specifically designed for each performer, which each take more than 60 hours to complete.

“I have to import all my hair from Rome and the UK and some supplies in the States, so freight has been difficult. A lot of people are working off site for me on the production, so there’s been some challenges definitely,” hair and wig associate Kylie Clarke said.

The pandemic has meant sourcing more supplies locally, such as kangaroo leather from Queensland.

There are plans to ensure the musical can take place during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The NSW Government is allowing the production to play to a 75 per cent audience capacity when it opens at Sydney Lyric Theatre in March.

It will play in conjunction with the venue’s own protocols and producer Michael Cassel said keeping everyone safe was the number one priority.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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