Explosive Newcomer Grace Farriss Lists Her Top 5 Non-Music Related Passions

Explosive newcomer Grace Farriss has just dropped a brand new single titled All The People. Check it out at the bottom of this article.

To celebrate the release, Grace wanted to share with you her Top 5 Non-Music related passions.

  1. I am currently writing a book that will comprise of all of my lyrics, poetry, writings, sayings and stories I have written up until this point in my life. This book will be much of my heart and mind in a book. But also providing much mystery as many of my lyrics and poetry tends to be quite cryptic and offers a subjective point of view for the reader. The book will be about 2000 pages long and there will be three chapters being “Poems, Sayings and Stories,” which is in fact the title of the book. Poems, Sayings and Stories will be published upon the release of my debut album Grace, and All The People is one of the songs from the album. The All The People lyrics will also be found in the book.
    Grace Farriss
  2.  I am currently founding a non-for-profit environmental organisation called ‘The Grace Earth Organisation,’ which will allow for and open the conversation to new ways of living within our community whilst thinking appropriately, logically and in a future forward way about our impact on our environment and how we can best live in harmony with our home whilst still moving forward, innovating and adjusting as mankind. Like we have always done. It will be an information based organisation and will direct people to information that can help them move forward in life and in an environmentally friendly way, without having to let go of their everyday creature comforts. I was raised and grew up my whole life surrounded by nature in all it’s natural forms. By the ocean and in the countryside. Enjoying locally grown food, and sharing this with the community is important to me. ‘The Grace Earth Organisation’ will launch towards November/December of 2020.  

    Grace Farriss
  3. I study Art History and Art Forms, such as painting, embroidery, knitting, pottery and I love reading. I also paint a lot and have my whole life. It is something that brings me great joy, solace and awareness.  
  4. I am currently studying to become a Doctor of Naturopathy, Herbal and Holistic Medicine. 

    Grace Farriss
  5. I love yoga and very long walks and going on hikes, which I practice almost daily. I love gardening, horse riding and swimming in the ocean. 

    Grace Farriss

What are your passions? Let us know by commenting below.

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