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Britney Spears

A new Britney Spears documentary by the New York Times has further spurred the Free Britney Movement.

Framing Britney Spears was released in the US last week and it tells the story of Britney Spears’ quick rise to fame and pop stardom, the deterioration of her mental health and the legal arrangement that has been the case of fans starting a movement to “Free Britney.”

The 75-minute film is directed by Times director and producer Samantha Stark and anchored by Felicia Culotta, a close friend of Britney who at times served as her chaperone, assistant and backstage tour guide.

It includes interviews with music industry executives and pop culture commentators. Lawyers close to the situation talk about the star’s legal woes.

Britney and major players in her story, including her parents, do not appear in the documentary, despite repeated requests.

“There’s a big ethical conflict for me in making a film where the central person in it isn’t participating…I guess I would want to say to her, ‘Call me. I want to hear your side,’” Stark said.

She also said that conservatorship has prevented Spears from giving interviews.

Recordings from an MTV documentary, filmed a year after her conservatorship began are featured, where she said, “If I wasn’t under the restraints I’m under right now, with all the lawyers and doctors and people analysing me every day, if that wasn’t there, I’d feel so liberated.”

The media comes off badly in the documentary, as it highlights the misogyny and sexism Spears has faced and shows how the paparazzi have harassed her.

Australian fans will have to wait longer to watch the documentary as there is no news yet about when and where it will be available here.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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