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Knowing What I Know Now – By Lauren Yeates:

Lauren Yeates’ first book Knowing What I Know Now: Celebrities Reveal What They Would Tell Their 14-Year-Old Selves Now was published in February 2020 and is available to buy now in a Paperback, eBook and Audiobook version. Click the links below to buy your copy NOW!

This book features 70 quotes from your favourite celebrities on what they would tell their 14-year-old selves. Amazing advice for the younger generation to help them to chase their dreams, to gain more self confidence and to get through bullying and depression.

Featuring quotes from Breaking Bad actor RJ Mitte, Step Up actor Adam Sevani, Pretty Little Liars’ actor Bryce Johnson, actor Rob Mills, Rhonda Burchmore, Ch 10’s Barry DuBois, journalist Ita Buttrose, Catriona Rowntree, Boost Juice Bars creator Janine Allis and many more.

Forewords written by Australian legend Todd McKenney, actress Brooke Satchwell and X-Factor’s Dean Ray.

Australian residents:
Paperback – click here to buy your copy
eBook – click here to buy your copy

Overseas residents:
Paperback – click here to buy your copy
eBook – click here to buy your copy

Audiobook Available Now On:

Down Pour
Book Beat
Libro FM
Rakuten Kobo

And right here on Rave It Up. Click the button below to buy now for only $10 (AUD).
Once your order comes through, we will email you a download link within 24 hours.


Staying Strong: Finding Inner Peace During Hard Times – By Lauren Yeates:

Not only has the COVID pandemic affected our finances, our jobs, our businesses, our travels, our time with loved ones, but it has also affected our mental health.

The weakening of our mental health is leading to suicide, and we really want to HELP YOU!

This book ISN’T about COVID. It is about YOU!

It is about how you can stay looking at the positives in life during some difficult times. You can apply this book to any time in your life, not just through a pandemic.

In this book, you will learn how to find joy, happiness and motivation in every day, and feel healthy from the inside out.


If you live Overseas, this eBook is also available to buy on Amazon. Click here.




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