Interview with Country-Pop Singer Abbie Ferris

Abbie Ferris
Up and coming country-pop starlet Abbie Ferris recently had a chat to us here at Rave It Up HQ about her new single Love Up On Me.
Hey Abbie. Welcome to Rave It Up. It’s a pleasure. Thanks for taking out some time to chat with us.

Congratulations on your new single, Love Up On Me.
The song is about that one person you can’t stay mad at because of your underlying love and affection. Is this based on a true story at all for you?

Yes it is. Most of my songs are based on true stories and experiences; whether that’s something that has happened to me or something I am seeing someone else go through. With this particular song, I wrote it about feeling new emotions that come with being in your first ‘real’ relationship.

How long did it take you to write this song? Did it feel like a diary entry in a way?

I really feel like as a songwriter, you are letting people read your diary and this song was no different. It’s scary and a very vulnerable thing to do but it’s what I have always done and I think people can relate to honesty.

I really felt like I had something to say and so it didn’t take long at all to write Love Up On Me. An hour or so. Troy and I were on a roll. Sometimes that just happens.

You co-wrote this with Troy Kemp. How was it working with Troy? We’ve had him on our show before so we know how incredibly talented he is. Congratulations on collaborating with him. 

Thank you. Yes he is so talented! What I love is how invested he is in a song and how excited he gets at the finished product. It makes me feel very inspired as an artist. Having two brains working on a song leaves you with so many ideas. It’s great!

The music video for Love Up On Me is now up on YouTube for everyone to go check out, and it was produced and directed by Jesse Anderson of Klik Productions, who is Kirsty Lee Akers’ husband. How was it working with him?

I have worked with Jesse quite a bit over the last few years. He is one of those people I am so lucky to now call a friend. Jesse is super talented at what he does and I always feel comfortable to tell him my ideas and vision for a clip, which I think is really important.

Was the vision for your music video Jesse’s idea?

We always work together which I love! Usually during the writing process, you can see a story unfolding and you might get some ideas for the clip. I bring that to Jesse and he brings it to life.

Did you have any other ideas for the music video originally?

No, it turned out how I imagined. I wanted it to show the rollercoaster of emotions first love brings and how special feeling that can be, which I think it did. 

The video was shot in beautiful Shoal Bay. What was your experience like there? How long was the shoot day?

It was a long day. An early start with hair and makeup and I think we finished up at around 6pm. But I loved every single minute of it! Shoal Bay was beautiful and thanks to LJ Hooker Nelson Bay, we had the perfect apartment to shoot the clip.

How did it feel having the video premiered on the Country Music Channel?

It is always such an honour! I will be forever grateful for Tim and the team at CMC. There was a lot of people and a lot of work that went into creating Love Up On Me so it’s amazing to see it on TV.

You are the true definition of a country girl. You grew up on a 90-acre farm in the South Australian town of Mallala. How did you find your love for music originally? Was it in the family?

I have always just loved music. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t. My dad was a stockman and always loved the stories that country music told. I think I was influenced by that and of course growing up on a farm, it was relatable. But, it has always been something I wanted and I’m so thankful I have a supportive family.

Were there any other careers that you wanted to pursuit when you were younger or was it always music?

Always this. This is what I have always wanted to do with my life 100% and I will keep giving it my everything.

You were on horseback by the time you could walk. Do you still ride now?

I don’t ride like I use to, competitively but I still love to go for a ride. Nothing like it! Horses will always be a part of me. The skills and knowledge my Dad has passed on to me is something I will always cherish 

You achieved so many amazing things already.
In 2018, you toured with Australian Idol star Hayley Jensen, who was just on our show a couple of weeks ago. How was your experience being on the road with her? Did you learn a lot? 

So much! Hayley is such a great vocalist and an idol for me as a woman in music. I remember being so nervous to get on stage on her tour. I asked her why she never seemed nervous. She said “well, I am but I may as well get up there and give it everything I’ve got.” It was so inspiring and something I never forget to tell myself. Just do it!

Even though you have already achieved so much in your career Abbie, what else can we expect from you in the future?
Do you still plan on releasing your debut original EP late July?

With everything that is going on the world at the moment, it is hard to know what will happen. It’s forever changing. I am constantly talking to my team to discuss options. But fingers crossed!

What advice would you give to others who want to follow their dreams of becoming a singer?

Believe in yourself. You have to be your number one fan because putting yourself out there is part of the job. It is scary and lots of hard work but never let anyone tell you you cant do something. Because you absolutely can!  

If our audience would like to contact you or find out what you are up to in the future, where should they go?

You can follow my journey on Facebook, Abbie Ferris and Instagram @abbieferrismusic. And of course the other platforms; Spotify, YouTube and Twitter etc.

Thanks again for having a chat to us today Abbie.


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