2DayFM Breakfast Show Axed

2DayFM Breakfast Show

A radio breakfast show starring Grant Denyer, Ed Kavalee, and Ash London has been axed.

It was announced that the 2DayFM show, The Grant, Ed and Ash Show, was cancelled due to low ratings and it will be replaced with three hours of music from Monday morning onwards.

Kyle Sandilands reacted to the announcement by tweeting, “Hahahahahaha … Another one bites the dust #seeya.”

He said that 2DayFM’s decision to cancel the show in favour of a music show is “another bad move” by the station he used to broadcast on until the end of 2013.

“If you want just music only, there’s Spotify, there’s all that sort of s**t, I think it’s a terrible move, because it’s not what people want. If they want just music, there’s plenty of platforms. It’s just another bad move, more of the same bad moves,” Sandilands said.

According to the head of the network, Gemma Fordham, the decision to axe the show was made “rather recently.”

“It was tough because it’s through no lack of hard work from the on-air team, but at the same time, we can’t have our heads in the sand and ignore the fact that the audience are telling us very loudly that they are only coming back to us because they love the music that we’re playing,” she said.

After the announcement, Denyer joked on Instagram, “It’s nice to join an elite group who’ve been sacked from radio.”

“Well that was bloody fun! Last ever show on 2Day FM tomorrow. I have really enjoyed it,” he wrote.

The Grant, Ed and Ash show is the sixth breakfast show in many years that has been tried and turfed by 2Day FM due to poor ratings.

The sacked announcers, will remain part of the Network with Ash London continuing to host Ash London Live, Ed Kavalee continuing to fill in for Kate Langbroek with Hughesy and Grant Denyer making appearances.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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