Interview with Australian DJ & Producer Tyron Hapi

Tyron Hapi

Australian DJ and producer Tyron Hapi recently came back to Rave It Up HQ to chat about his new single Anyway and his upcoming tour.

Hey Tyron. Welcome back to Rave It Up. It’s a pleasure talking to you again. Last time you were on Rave It Up was in August last year, so what have you been up to since then? 

Hello, pleasure to talk again!! Been extremely busy the past year. In between touring Australia and Europe, I’ve been in the studio about 8 hours a day on average. 

For those who don’t know, you are a self-taught pianist and you can also play the drums. Have you been incorporating them into your sets lately?

I’m yet to play anything live however we’ve been thinking about incorporating it soon. That being said, I play input piano and sometimes drums into my production so its ‘sort of’ in my sets through my music haha! 

You’ve just signed to the new label Teamwrk Records (distributed via Universal). How are you finding that? Do you find yourself getting even more opportunities now?

Yes Teamwrk is run by my agency Lucky Ent and headed by my manager so I know he’ll be pushing as hard as possible to make the track a success so that keeps my mind at ease! Definitely getting a lot more opportunities as my music reaches more places which is great.

At only 18 years of age, you have really made your mark in Australia and internationally. Have you found it difficult at all at such a young age, or do you think you actually have an advantage against all of the other DJs and producers out there? 

It’s become so normal. I’ve been playing gigs since I was around 15 or 16 so when people say I’m really young, I don’t really see it haha! 

During your time in the industry, you have landed gigs around Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Europe. Which place has been your favourite to perform?

Creamfields in UK was amazing, but I’ve had some awesome shows in Australia too, Pacha/MOS, HQ, Lucky Thursdays to name a few.

You have a new single out now called Anyway and it is so catchy. Congratulations! How long did it take you to put this track together? Was it in the pipeline for a while?  

As soon as I received the vocal, I knew what I was going to do with it so I knocked it over in about a week or so! Its been sitting there for a while whilst Teamwrk was being established but it’s easily one of my favourite records I’ve ever made!  

Did you write the lyrics too? If so, is the song based on a true story at all?

The vocals were written by Mimoza in LA. She is a star! Everything she writes has a personal meaning to her which is why all her records sound so amazing! 

Can we expect a music video for this track too?

We have a lyric video which will be released on release day. We may look to do a full scale video later down the track.

Throughout September, October and November this year, you are embarking on a 17-date national tour. Where are you most excited to visit? 

Yeah there’s about to be a few more dates added so it’s going to be hectic! I can’t wait for MOS and the opening of HQ in Adelaide. That will be HUGE! 

What can the fans expect from the shows on this tour?

Lots of new music! I have so much sitting there. My sets are full of unreleased originals which is great! 

Before we go, what else can we expect from you in the future Tyron? What’s up next after the tour?  

I have a couple big remixes I’m working on for huge artists (can’t say who yet) and I’ve got a few really cool originals that everyone is excited about! We’re planning on tackling a lot more of Europe and Asia next year so it’s exciting times ahead! 

Thank you so much for having a chat to us again Tyron. Good luck with the tour!

Thanks for having me! 

– Interviewed by Lauren Yeates


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