Sad Truth Behind Nanny Star’s Iconic Look

Fran Drescher

The star of 90s sitcom The Nanny has revealed the sad truth behind her iconic look.

Fran Drescher, who played Fran Fine on the show, wore some of the most covetable designer creations but revealed that her slender frame was due to post-traumatic stress.

In 1985, the actress was raped at gunpoint during a harrowing home invasion.

“I’d been the victim of a violent crime about 10 years before The Nanny, and I hadn’t really dealt with that,” she said.

“I had to deal with it once I became famous and it came out, though – thank God I was in therapy! Honestly I just loved going to work and being Fran Fine, because she was nothing but funny and light, and my life was kind of a mess. I think that was part of why I was thin.”

Fran Drescher

Drescher has returned to a healthy weight and defeated uterine cancer and is now all about “honouring my body” and doesn’t miss her old physique.

She has kept some pieces from the show’s wardrobe but she said, “most of them don’t fit me anymore. And I’m really ok with that. I couldn’t be that thin anymore and still look good.”

Drescher also shut down rumours of a revival.

“I’m not looking to revisit Fran Fine because, first of all, it wouldn’t be the same show. It can’t be The Nanny – I’m Mrs Sheffield now!”

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– Written by Rekha Kulen


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