Melbourne Producer SPECTORAL Announces New Single And EP


Australian record producer Spectoral has announced his new single Movin’ On and upcoming EP, An Incorruptible Dream, which is out October 12. 

Movin’ On is the producer’s first single off the EP and has a similar feel and sound to some of the biggest names in the music industry like Peking Duck, Flume and Kanye West, but that doesn’t mean the music is exactly the same. There is a unique sound to his single.

The instrumentation features co-production from Martiln and sees synths glide smoothly alongside each other, which bends perfectly behind carefully placed percussion. Reflecting on the motivation behind the track, Andrew says, “I actually wrote this one about a good friend of mine. We’d catch up and she’d always tell me news about this guy she was in love with. Things never really worked in her favour with him because he was already taken – it was this kinda Love Actually moment for her I guess, just in reverse. So anyway, we’d chat about it, and she just found it so hard to give up the dream of one day him being hers. So this songs about that. It’s about accepting the loss and letting it go.”

Andrew worked alongside Tim Watt and Tim McArtney of Hercules Studio in Sydney, fellow producer Alius aka Sebastian Ivanov and musician Robin Waters. His EP An Incorruptible Dream has a mix of pop, RNB and electronic influences. 

“The name An Incorruptible Dream is a line from The Great Gatsby actually. It’s this idea of always trying to reach for the unattainable, whether it’s a person, or a state of mind, or a level of perfection or success. Unfortunately for Gatsby it blinded him and led to his downfall. The EP explores this theme that is definitely in my life in different ways. I planned this EP back in January, but actually a couple of the songs here I’ve been sitting on for literally years.”

“I’m so pumped! It’s like seeing a little bonsai tree that you’ve been caring for finally sprout flowers…I feel like I’ve really nestled into my sound over the past year, thanks to the experience of working with so many awesome engineers and co-producers all over this project. It’s been the most eye-opening and fun experience.”

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– Written by Samia Sahid


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