Rave It Up is now offering one-on-one lessons with Lauren Yeates to learn invaluable presenting and interview skills. Lauren has over 9 years experience in journalism and the entertainment industry and has helped many aspiring journalists. She has a Bachelor in Journalism and created Rave It Up from nothing at the young age of 16. 

Velvet PTC

Course includes:

  • Learn how to present in front of a camera
  • Learn how to read from a teleprompter
  • Learn how to write your own on-camera script 
  • Learn how to conduct research on an interviewee and how to come up with interview questions
  • Learn how to conduct a conversational interview

This course is extremely practical. You will present in front of a camera and read from a teleprompter, as well as conduct a real interview with Lauren Yeates.

All of your camera work on the day will also be video taped so you can take the footage home. 

For a limited time, this course is only $200.

If you would like a Presenting Showreel done at the end of your course, let us know. We can create one for you for a special price of only $50.

(Note: This course should only take about 3 hours)

If you would like to continue your learning after this course, it will only be $60 per 2-hour practice session with Lauren.

To book and/or make an enquiry, please fill out this form and one of our team members here at Rave It Up will be in touch within 1-2 business days. 

You don’t have to fill out a date if you don’t want to but please let us know what time of the day suits you best to do this course. Thank you.

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