REVIEW: The Wolfe Brothers LIVE

The Wolfe Brothers LIVE

I went to go see The Wolfe Brothers perform on Saturday night at Penrith RSL.

I have been a fan of country music since I was young and I thought when going to a Wolfe Brothers live show, you would need to know all of their songs to really enjoy it, but OMG! It was so much fun. Unlike some live shows where the music is too loud and you can’t understand what they are singing, I understood every single lyric and it was an outstanding experience. During the show, I found myself noting down some song titles in my phone so that I could download them later when I got home.

The Wolfe Brothers LIVE

The thing that blew me away about these guys was that they put 100% of their energy into their performances. There is no rest for them on stage. They want all of their fans to have a good time and to party with them. There is no way you could sit down, listen to their music and not want to dance. I’m sure they were all exhausted after the show, but wow! I love when performers put all of their efforts into making sure their audience receive an incredible show.

The whole band were so entertaining. From their guitar playing to their funny banter on stage, especially between the two brothers. You can tell they love each other but love to also annoy each other, just like brothers like to do (or any family member for that matter).

Guitarist Brodie Rainbird made his singing debut that night and he totally stole the show. I don’t think Nick and Tom were very happy because they are always the centre of attention in the band but its all laughs and about having a good time.

The Wolfe Brothers LIVE
Rave It Up’s Lauren Yeates with The Wolfe Brothers after the show

They really have such a party attitude which is exactly what you need on your Friday or Saturday night. You want to drink, dance, sing along and forget about your troubles, and The Wolfe Brothers are the BEST at doing that!

I could not fault their performance at all. Their songs were so catchy and there was a mixture of both up-beat and slower songs, each one with incredible lyrics. Even their choice of support act (James Van Cooper) was spot on. Van Cooper grabbed everyone’s attention and got them dancing along from the very start, which we can all agree is quite hard for a support act to do.

Go on YouTube and check out The Wolfe Brothers now if you haven’t already, then go buy tickets while they are on tour to promote their Country Heart album. I could not recommend them highly enough!

Rating: 10/10

Did you attend this show? What were your thoughts? Let us know by commenting below.

Check out our interview with The Wolfe Brothers’ guitarist Brodie Rainbird here.

– Written by Lauren Yeates


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