Miley Cyrus Being Sued For $300 Million

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is being sued for $300 million USD ($382 million AUD) by Jamaican songwriter, Michael May.

He claims that Cyrus was infringing his copyright on her song We Can’t Stop, which resembles one of his songs from 25 years ago.

May says his song We Run Things is “a favourite for lovers of reggae music worldwide” and reached number one is his home country.

He had accused the pop singer and her label RCA Records of misappropriating his material, including the phase “We run things. Things no run we” which she sings as “We run things. Things don’t run we.”

In November last year, he won ‘formal copyright protection’ in the U.S Copyright Office, for all musical arrangements in We Run Things.

He has stated that Cyrus’ song “owes the basis of its chart-topping popularity to and its highly-lucrative success to plaintiff May’s protected, unique, creative and original content.”

Miley Cyrus has not made a public statement yet, nor has her label.

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– Written by Amy Seaborn


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