Mariah Carey Is Making A Christmas Movie

Mariah Carey

You heard right, Mariah is converting her hit song All I want for Christmas into an animated movie!

Alongside controversial manager, Stella Bulochnikov, Mariah will produce an animation centring on herself as a child. The plot of the story follows young Mariah’s desire for her dream puppy that she sees in a window. But for this Christmas wish to come true, she must overcome pet-sitting a rascal of a dog who seems to have the intent of ruining her family’s entire holiday celebrations.

After her flop of a reality TV series and her last song I Don’t only reaching No. 89 on the US Charts, many of her fans are sincerely hoping the movie will be the singer’s saviour.

The All I Want for Christmas movie will be released via DVD and streaming before Christmas this year.

Are you looking forward to the Christmas animation? Let us know in the comment below.


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