Mac Miller’s Cause of Death Revealed

Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s autopsy results have now been released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office.

The toxicology report states that Miller died from an overdose involving a lethal mixture of cocaine, fentanyl, and alcohol. The autopsy was performed just a day after Miller’s death on September 8, but the results were postponed until an investigation was undergone.

The coroner’s report says Miller’s death was accidental. First responders found a bag of what appeared to be cocaine on a table, with residue on top of an iPad.

“A rolled 20 dollar bill with a white powdery residue was noted in the right pocket of the decedent’s shorts,” the report stated.

“An empty 750ml bottle of liquor was noted on a nightstand on the west side of the bed.”

Mac Miller had long struggled with substance abuse. He often rapped about his reliance on cocaine to get him through dark times in his life. 

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– Written by Lauren Yeates


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