Former 1D Member “Invigorated” After the Release Of New Music

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson has released his new single Kill My Mind and he states it was a memorable experience.

He recently tweeted out: “Thank you to everyone single person involved in the release. I feel so invigorated! Most importantly to my fans, honestly this has been a moment for us. Seeing all of you support the record in your own initiative ways is incredible for me to see. Even if I don’t always see you all I feel your presence and your backing. Love to you ALL!”

He also stated that this song is a “statement of intent” and he describes it as his “callback to the pop landscape.” It relates back to his childhood, growing up with bands such as The Killers and Arctic Monkeys.

He says: “When I grew up, pop meant Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Killers and Amy Winehouse. Times change. Currently pop is very urban and street, which is not what I relate to. ‘Kill My Mind’ feels like a statement of intent. Sonically, it’s new for me and writing it was exciting … It’s a loud, busy, rocky song that’s all about having fun. It’s about that experimental phase of your youth where you’re trying different things, some of which aren’t great for you but are definitely fun. It’s a song about being naughty.”

He was inspired by singer Liam Gallagher to “bare his soul” for the track saying: “I don’t like being clever for the sake of being clever. Sometimes it’s cool to read between the lines. My lyrical style, naturally, is to just be matter of fact, honest and sometimes blunt. I kind of shied away from writing that song because I didn’t really think I was ready to go through that process yet. I got into a session and we ended up getting into it, and it was going perfectly. I really did want to write this song, I was just intimidated because it had to be perfect.”

What do you think of Louis’ new song? Do you think it’s Pop Culture material? Let us know in the comment section below.

Written by Ashley Riordan


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