Kanye West’s New Song

Kanye West

Two years after the release of The Life of Pablo, rapper Kanye West has previewed a new track titled Lift Yourself.

The song was first mentioned on Twitter last Friday with West stating, “I’m going to drop a new song that will bring Ebro (the Hot 97 radio DJ) the closure he’s been seeking.”

The tweet also mentioned that “the bars” would be on fire, and not long after the first draft of the song was released to the public.

The opening starts with a group of women singing, what eventually become the songs hook, “Lift yourself up on your feet/Let’s get it on.” The backing track goes from something out of a soul song to a more modern beat before West drops his own vocals in saying, “What they don’t realise though, this next verse, this next verse though, these bars.”

The beat itself seems to be fully fledged out, the lyrics, however, seem to be just placeholder words. The verse goes “Scoop diddy whoop/Whoop diddy scoop poop.” It doesn’t seem that the bars are on fire at this point.

After the song dropped, Ebro tweeted, “It’s all fun and games. Whoop-diddy-scoop-diddy. We already knew you was #TrollYeWest.”

Surrounded by a controversial social media resurgence by West earlier in the week, the rapper announced a handful of G.O.O.D Music releases including an LP collaborative with Kid Cudi and a seven-track album.

Kanye West Tweet

Kanye West Tweet

Kanye West Tweet

If you would like to listen to the draft, it’s on kanyewest.com.

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– Written by Jayson Gardner


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