Justice Crew Interview

Justice Crew

On Saturday 16th July 2011, we interviewed 2010 Australia’s Got Talent Winners, Justice Crew, at a Lil Justice Fundraiser at the Hills Centre in Castle Hill.

When we got there, Lenny and Samson were the only ones there, so we got to know them more personally than the others. This made the interview much more calm, free flowing and informal. It was more like friends getting along and asking questions.
After the interview, they said we had come up with some really good questions which were hard to answer and a nice change from other interviews.

Most of the interviewers these days are adults. Not many teenage interviews are out there, so no one gets the teenage point of view.
The guys were proud of us and with what we have accomplished. They were happy to help out.

The interview was before the show, which meant we could only interview Lenny John Ruela Pearce, Lukas Bellesini aka Wildrok, Scrappy (Omar Kamara) and John Len Ruela Pearce.

We also stayed around and saw the show. It was amazing. There were some brilliant acts. Justice Crew added their flare when they performed.

All night was WOW after WOW.

Check out our interview below:

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– Written by Lauren Yeates


  1. hey, cool interveiw with the justice crew is their any way you could hook me up with them…doesn’t matter if you can’t,but do you think unicorns are real because i think so anyway…
    thank you!


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