Shocking Photo of Johnny Depp In Australia Surfaces

Johnny Depp

A shocking photo of actor Johnny Depp has surfaced!

The never-before-seen photo shows a bloodied Depp on a hospital stretcher.

Depp can be seen wearing sunglasses and laying on his back on a stretcher with blood around him and a wrapped finger, along with what his team is claiming is a cigarette burn on his right cheek.

It was taken at the hospital a few hours after an alleged altercation with his wife at the time, actress Amber Heard, during a visit to Australia.

Johnny Depp Australian Hospital Visit

This comes as the bitter war of words between the former couple continues to play out.

The 56-year-old actor has made new allegations about Heard in court, claiming that she physically assaulted him during their infamous fight in 2015, throwing a glass bottle at him and putting out a cigarette on his face.

In March 2015, Heard was staying with her husband in Australia while he filmed the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

He claimed the fight started when she spoke with his lawyers about his “intention to enter into a postnuptial agreement”, which he says caused her to “go into a rage”.

In the court documents, he said he tried to avoid his wife by going to the downstairs bar of their house, but she followed him screaming “abusively” and throwing bottles at him. One bottle smashed on the bar top and hit his hand, leaving a cut on his finger.

The lawyers claim he was in a state of shock when he “wrote on a mirror and walls in blood and oil paint”.

Heard denied the allegation, with her lawyer describing it as “absurd, offensive and categorically untrue” in a statement.

It is the latest shocking chapter in what has been a lengthy saga between the former spouses.

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Written by Rekha Kulen


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