Jakob Releases New Single ‘Lie’

Jakob Delgado

Jakob Delgado (former member of band In Stereo) has just released his new song Lie, and it is really something!

Jakob states that the song is about a time when he was absolutely smitten with a girl who ended up in a toxic relationship.

“The song Lie is written about a scenario I was in, where a person I cared for was in a toxic relationship with someone else,” said Jakob.

“She would constantly ask me for advice, when in reality I wanted to say that she should be with me instead of telling her something she wants to hear.”

Turns out Jakob is just like all of us ordinary people, falling hopelessly in ‘love’ with someone we shouldn’t be in love with.

The music video for this song premiered on August 29 and the rest of the EP Jakob will be released on November 15.

Jakob’s inspirations include Yungblud, Ruel, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd and Post Malone. He has also been given the great opportunity of getting to work alongside notable names such as songwriters and composers Melanie Fontana and Michel Lindgren Schultz (known for BTS, Justin Bieber, Cheat Codes and The Chainsmokers), and producers Troy Noka and Chris ‘N’ Teeb (known for Frank Ocean, Miguel and 50 Cent).

Jakob is making his live debut in Singapore at Music Matters this September alongside up-and-coming artists from around the world.

What are your thoughts on Lie? Let us know by commenting below.

Written By Ashley Riordan

“This song is extremely catchy and worth a listen. I can’t wait for his EP to drop.” – Ashley Riordan

“It’s so good to see Jakob releasing some more catchy songs after the split of In Stereo.” – Lauren Yeates


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