Drake’s Scorpion Becomes The Lowest Selling Album


Canadian singer Drake released his fifth album Scorpion in June and the album peaked at number one in Australia, US and the UK.

Scorpion is setting streaming records but that’s not the only record being set.

Nielsen Music reports that Drake’s Scorpion is at the top of the charts for the third week in a row, but it’s said that only 29,000 copies were sold in the week of July 12. Nielsen says Scorpion has the smallest amount of sales for a number one album since the company began tracking music sales in 1991, more than 27 years ago.

Most recent album sales have been through digital download services like iTunes and Amazon Music. Drake’s latest album was released digitally on June 29 and released on CD on July 13.

Drake’s first-week died down very quickly, not having that same hype as may other pop albums like Taylor Swift’s Reputation which was called the Best Album of 2017 by People Magazine. That’s been the case with Rap albums and releases, as they are big in their first week and then the attention moves on to some other album.

CDs are one of the biggest factors when it comes to album sales, but a very small amount is accountable for the 29,000 thousand sales figure, which is based partly on the delayed release of the CD format.

Regardless of the album’s poor performance, this isn’t the first time an album has performed poorly. According to statistics by Billboard, in January 2017, the La La Land soundtrack album peaked number one on the charts with less than 30,000 copies sold.

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– Written by Samia Sahid


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