Chance The Rapper Working With John Mayer

Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper has confirmed that he is collaborating with John Mayer! 

Over the weekend, rumours started to swirl on social media about a possible track between the two after a fan tweeted saying: “Hey, saw you guys hung out last night. You guys became best friends, right? Gunna collab, right? Sweet, thanks.”
Both Chance The Rapper and Mayer nearly broke the internet after Chance responded with “Yes,” and Mayer added saying, “Cosigned.”

Things got even crazier when Bruno Mars said that he would love to collaborate with the recording artist as well.

We can imagine how excited Chance was. He probably needed to compose himself before he replied back with: “Wait wtf. I just retweeted a gem off your page only to find out you rocking with the kid?!? Let’s make it happen I already got choreo ideas.”

Who else is excited for these collaborations? Let us know by commenting below.

– Written by Lauren Yeates


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