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Rave It Up recently had a chat to Australian girl group BEATZ about their latest single Ain’t Your Girl.

Since this is your first time on Rave It Up girls, we’d love to get to know you all a bit better. Firstly we’d all love to know, was music what you girls always wanted to do with your lives?

Since a young age, music was what we were always around and it definitely was something we’ve always wanted to do.

Were there any other careers that you wanted to pursuit in your lives?

I guess being creative people, we always have a variety of careers we’d love to explore but performing together is definitely a career we would love to do forever.

You girls met in 2001 at a dancing and singing competition. Were you all instantly best friends? Or did you see each other more as competitors?

At such a young age, doing competitions was really a fun way to get out and meet people so we really didn’t take it too seriously.

With starting in the industry so young, do you girls think it took away a bit of your childhood?

We believe being involved in the industry really taught us a lot at a young age and at the same time we got to hang out and perform with some of our closest friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing. It definitely kept us off the streets.

Brooke, you featured in the Australian show Camp Rock – Rock This City on Disney Channel when you were 16. How was that experience for you?

It was the most incredible experience. I’ve always been such a HUGE fan of Disney since I was born, so having the opportunity to sing and dance in a show that big was awesome! Not to mention that I also featured in my very first music video!
Click here to have a look.

Elishia, you were involved in Billy Elliot The Musical when you were 11, and were in a production of The Cat in the Hat at the Sydney Opera House. Do you think you’ll be in any other musicals in the future? Is that something you still love to do?

Being in those productions really sparked my love for theatre shows. They gave me a fantastic insight into that world. I absolutely love musical theatre, and who knows what’ll happen in the future. Musicals are definitely on the cards.

When you girls created the band, where did the name BEATZ come from?

BEATZ is actually all our initials put together. B for Brooke, E for Elishia, And T for Tayla. We thought it was pretty clever haha!

And you girls have awesome hairstyles. The colours Purple, Yellow and Pink have definitely become your trademark. What made you girls decide to do that?

The hairstyle change was thought up by Mel B, who was our mentor during our time on The X Factor. We love the idea of the colours because it not only helps make a point of difference from us to other groups out there but the colours really represent us and our individual personalities.

For those who don’t know, you girls made it to Top 5 of The X Factor last year. How was it having Mel B as your mentor?

Having Mel B as our mentor was a dream come true. We have all looked up to the Spice Girls since the beginning of time and to actually be mentored by Scary Spice was incredible. Being in a group herself, she had such valuable advice and we really worked well with her.

Do you girls still keep in contact with her?

Yes! We sometimes message each other and we are always sending her the latest BEATZ updates.

You girls auditioned for The X Factor in 2014 as well. What differences did you find between the 1st time and the 2nd time you were on the show?

Our appearance on the show in 2014 was the first time we had ever been seen in the public eye and it definitely gave us a little taste of what we wanted to do together as a career. When we entered again in 2016, our mindset was completely different. We were ready to work hard and do everything we could to be the best that we could be.

What was your favourite song to sing on stage?

We loved the week we got to sing ‘Single Ladies’ with the live band.

Did you girls ever get stage fright?

Sometimes on the show, we’d get nervous but we were really lucky to have each other for support. We’d stand together, hold hands and just make sure we were all ok. That is definitely one of the best things about being in a group – the support and love we have for each other.

How were your nerves in front of the amazing judges Guy Sebastian, Iggy Azalea, Adam Lambert and Mel B?

It definitely made us nervous. We look up to those artists and to be performing in front of them was such a privilege.

Your debut song Ain’t Your Girl is now out and it’s all inspired by girl power. Can you tell us more about this concept?

Ain’t Your Girl is definitely inspired by girl power! It’s all about standing up for yourself, being strong and independent no matter how big or small you are. This is exactly why we thought it would only be fitting to cast mini versions of ourselves to try and help lead the younger generation. We have a young, supportive fan base and we wanted them to know that no matter how tough things become in life, it’s essential to stay strong, kick ass and fight for what you believe in.

Have you girls ever had any issues with self-confidence and being that ‘strong woman’ that you are singing about in this song?

Growing up in the performance industry, we were always challenged with the idea of self-confidence. What we always try to remember in those situations is to really be yourself and be the best version of you.

This track is produced by Michael D’Arcy, who has worked with artists like Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew, Samantha Jade, Timomatic, Human Nature and 5 Seconds of Summer. How was it working with someone so talented?

Michael D’Arcy was amazing to work with. To know that he has worked with such an incredible line of artists makes us even more appreciative that he worked alongside us to create this track. He made us super comfortable and the whole process was great.

Now, even though you have already achieved so much in your career, what else can we expect from you in the future?

We are hoping to have a few more original tracks out and maybe even an album.

You girls are also supporting Justice Crew in June. What have you got planned for those shows?

We are super excited for the shows with Justice Crew in June and July. We have a jam-packed high energy performance planned, that we hope everyone will love.

What advice would you give to the listeners who want to follow their dreams of becoming a singer?

Never give up! There’s space for everyone in this industry. If you love to sing, then go out and give it all you’ve got and don’t let anything stop you!

If the listeners would like to contact you or find out what you are up to, where should they go?

They can contact us at for bookings and head to our website for all of the latest details, along with our socials

YouTube – BEATZofficialmusic
Instagram – beatzofficial_
Twitter – beatzofficial_
Facebook – beatzofficialmusic

Thank you so much for having a chat to us today BEATZ.

– Interviewed by Lauren Yeates


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