Channel Nine Under Fire For Comments On ’20 To One’


Channel Nine are accused of ‘triggering a whole community’ with ‘racist jokes’ about Korean boy band BTS, on its’ show 20 To One, with the network now apologising for the segment.

A conflict erupted on social media over last Wednesday’s episode countdown of the greatest global crazes, which included BTS in its’ line-up.

The segment, hosted by Erin Molan and Nick Cody, referred to BTS as “the South Korean One Direction” and the “biggest band you’ve never heard of.”

Molan and Cody noted that BTS had a number one single in the United States, despite that “only one band member actually speaks English”.

The segment also featured celebrity interviews including UK comedian Jimmy Carr, who joked, “when I first heard something Korean had exploded in America, I got worried. So it could have been worse. But not much worse.”

After the airing of the episode, the backlash from the BTS segment was quick with the hashtag ‘#Channel9Apologize’ trending across Twitter and fans of the boy band labeling it as “rasict”.

A Nine spokesperson told in a statement, “As a lighthearted entertainment program, it is our belief that last night’s episode of 20 To One, which highlighted the ‘Greatest Global Crazes’, did not breach any broadcast regulations, and was intended to humorously highlight the popularity of the group.

“We aplogise to any who may have been offended by last night’s episode.”

As outrage continued from BTS fans, the official 20 to One Twitter account issued their own apology.

However, the apology didn’t seem to ease the tension from BTS fans, who left over 13,000 comments under the apology, saying that it seemed half-hearted.

What do you think of Channel Nine’s remarks of BTS? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Jayson Gardner


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