“Shake It Up” Talent Competition “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off – Shake It Up Edition”

Shake It Up

Shake It Up

**This competition is now over!!

The Disney Channel will soon be launching its first-ever talent competition for kids called “Make Your Mark: Ultimate Dance Off – Shake It Up Edition.” Just like the Radio Disney Next Big Thing competition, YOU will get to decide the winner of the competition!

On July 1st you can start uploading your own short dance video (up to 45 seconds long) for your chance to compete in the ultimate dance off airing on the Disney Channel in October. If you end up winning, the Grand Prize includes a performance in an episode of the Disney Channel Original Series “Shake It Up.”

Be sure to visit DisneyChannel.com/DanceStudio to view a number of dance videos by “Shake It Up” choreographer Rosero McCoy and his assistant Claude Racine. Then, get ready with your own dance moves in order to enter the contest when it begins!

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Original Source: Disney Dreaming


  1. hey when is the competition over cause i really want to enter with my cousin and my cousin is leaving and i would like to enter before she leaves.

  2. I’m entering plz vote for me!
    Im 9 and its my dream to be a dancer 🙂
    Good luck to everyone else who is entering!

  3. DO any of you guys know when the Make your mark ends because i want to enter And i loveeeeeeee the show

  4. Hi everyone it would be my dream come true to win because i love dancing and my dream job is to be a proffesional dancer and star on TV! Please vote for me, I would be so grateful!

  5. How can make a video now and I really wats to or my heart will be broken that I didnt get to show my some moves so zendaya bella anyone if u know tell me please bye Im crying right now bye


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